Bin Week in Buckley A, April 2017

Hobsonville Point’s biannual Bin Week is being extended beyond the Buckley A precinct when it returns next month (September).

The initiative, which is organized by the HPRS Committee, has previously seen a skip bin located on the corner of Corsair Street and Buckley Ave, enabling residents in the Buckley A precinct to dispose of garden waste and flax (which is often prohibited from other garden bins).

From September 19 to 25, skip bins will now be located both on the Corsair/Buckley corner and on the corner of Kotuku Lane and Ponga Street, extending the service to newer residents of Hobsonville Point.

We encourage all residents, especially those with established gardens and advanced plant growth, to have a garden clean up and help make our neighbourhood look smart for spring. This service is provided for garden waste only (no plastic bags or broken pots please).