Bin Week in Buckley A, April 2017

A magnificent response to HPRS’ recent Bin Week saw three full bins remove a record amount of garden waste from the Buckley A precinct.

For the second year running, the HPRS committee provided a skip bin on the corner of Corsair Street and Buckley Ave for a week in late April to enable residents (primarily those in the Buckley A precinct where the foliage is most established) to dispose of garden waste and flax.

A staggering 27m3 of garden waste was carted offsite (compared to 9m3 in 2016).

With the precinct now looking so smart, we would like to remind residents to please maintain your gardens (including the area between your house and the footpath) and look after our communal parks and trees.

Bin Week will return to Buckley A from September 19 to 25 this year for spring garden waste only (no plastic bags or broken pots please).

The committee is also considering introducing a bin to the area between Hobsonville Point and Clarke Roads if there is sufficient plant growth/demand in this location and a suitable place for the skip. A volunteer to keep an eye on the bin during the week would also be useful.  Please let us know your thoughts via our discussion board in the members-only section of our website.