A small team of local volunteers has set up a household battery recycling scheme. Batteries from small household devices such as toys, remote controls and hearing aids can now be dropped off for recycling at Hobs Point Convenience Store or the North West Toy Library up at Westgate.

Batteries should be taped at either end when they are deposited in the buckets at either drop-off point.

The purpose of this project is to provide an option to recycle components and prevent toxic material from entering the environment via rubbish landfill.

The Upper Harbour Local Board Quick Response Round has funded this pilot project.

Look for an article in The Westerly magazine.

Thanks to Raj at Hobs Point Convenience Store and Rosie Cordy at North West Toy Library.

And applause for much hard work on this project goes to the battery recycling team –
Judith Ramage Paterson, Anna Harrison and Kay Mathewson