Dear Residents,

Yes, it’s AGM time again! 

Mark your calendar: It’s coming up on Oct 30, 7pm, at the Hobsonville Point Secondary School auditorium (the door is at the school’s left-hand end). 

On Oct 14 you got all the meeting materials info from Crockers. Included were the agenda, financial statements, proxy form, postal voting form and the AGM 2019 Annual Report. It tells you what your committee’s been involved in this year and sets out the 2019-20 budget of $421,900 (which includes boosting last year’s budget for streetscape maintenance, from about $50,000 to $150,000).

Plans are being set in gear to keep our great little corner of Auckland looking trim, tidy and fresh. We know you’ll want to hear about it and get a chance to vote a greater portion of your $150 annual levy be spent on street appearance.   

We will also be electing a NEW COMMITTEE. Only two of the current members are standing this time. Our constitution allows for nine members and we have 11 nominations. So you’ll need to read up on who they are so you can have your say. Find their bios on the AGM Committee Voting Form. You can vote for up to nine members. 

YOUR VOTE COUNTS – Our constitution says that 15% of members must be present to create a quorum at AGMs. Now we are growing so big, that means a lot of people! So if you can’t attend your proxy or postal voting form is very much needed (reviewing the constitution on that point may well be a job for the incoming committee.) 

IF YOU’RE COMING TO THE AGM – Note that there’ll be a crowd and of course you have to register to attend. You can shorten the time spent in line on the night by completing the AGM REGISTRATION FORM beforehand then bringing it along with all of your other voting documents. Please note that this is an owners-only meeting, therefore, if you are not an owner of a property in HPRS, you will need a signed Proxy Form to be able to attend on the owner’s behalf

IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT – Make your committee votes on the AGM Committee Voting Form and for other agenda items use the Postal Voting Form. Email to  before the AGM before 3pm 30 October.

Outgoing committee members want to thank our departing chairperson, Errol Haarhoff, for his two years of voluntary, wise and sterling service at the helm of HPRS. He has set a fine example of leadership for whomever takes his place. 

Warm best wishes to you all from the HPRS Committee.