Dear Residents,

We had a really good turnout at the 2019 annual general meeting on Oct 30. The crowd size proved how many of us are keen to ensure this remains a great place in which to live. And the push will go on with fresh enthusiasm provided by a mostly new committee. 

Key decisions were made and budgets approved to further a range of tasks. One major recent move has been the establishment of a new sub-committee scoping collaborative approaches to ensure smart streetside garden maintenance. The aim is one we all share – to have our unique housing area continue to look clean, smart and tidy.

David Allen gave a great presentation on the group’s ideas and how the community may be able to get involved. You’ll be hearing more about this as time goes by.

Because landscape maintenance is not cheap, the budget for streetscape work has been tripled. The meeting also approved a boost in funds to support events as it’s good for community spirit to have fun things going on. 

More budget has also been set aside for paid facility-manager roles, comms marketing, events and website because the workload can be too big for volunteer committee members to carry, especially if they also have full-time jobs.

There was much discussion on the amount of cash that is building in our reserves and views were expressed about the need for good strategic planning and decision-making in this area. 

And there was agreement with outgoing chair Errol Haarhoff’s recommendation that our Constitution and Rules, are due for a review. They are six years old and in some ways not fit for purpose now the community is growing so large.

The incoming committee has plenty to do! They are:

Craig Burrowes
Lindsey Dawson
Andrew Fraser
Christine Glover
Max Hardy
Viv Jones
Mark Kaneko
Shlomit Mendel
David Williams

Craig and Lindsey are the only two of the 2018 committee who are continuing on. The outgoing members each put in two or more years of voluntary service, so much appreciation is due to: Errol Haarhoff, Sarah Griffiths, Daniel Gerrard, Judy Selveraj, Yvonne Bull, Deborah Grace and Kim Robinson.

Now read on for more November news you need to know, such as:

  • Barn Dance on Nov 2 today (Saturday)
  • Garden waste bin distribution on Nov 7
  • Four free theatre mask workshops between November 4 and Nov 25
  • Address list and guide for the Garden Ramble on Nov 16

It’s a busy month!

Best wishes,

HPRS Committee