The community garden is looking lovely, BUT some people have recently had produce and items taken from their plots. So disappointing!

You are welcome to enter the garden, which is on Buckley Avenue opposite the children’s playground.

But here’s how it works:

The central plots are maintained by families/groups or individuals. They pay a fee to use their allotted garden bed and the produce they grow is for their personal use only.

However, they do share excess produce through Facebook posts or by leaving it in the produce stand on the site.

Note that the side bed along the fence – and the herb garden (first one inside the gate) – are for all residents to look after and share.

Please take ONLY what has been placed in the shared produce stand inside the gate. You can also pick small leaves from the herb area. In time, once the trees in side beds have matured, you’ll be able to have one or two pieces of fruit.

Please respect the garden, the beds, composting areas and paths.

Do take the time to introduce yourself to anyone who may be there – they usually love to chat about the art and joy of growing things. From time to time plots will rotate ownership. Register your interest in a garden plot, volunteering or contributing in any way by emailing  [email protected].

For news on what’s going on, you are welcome to join the Catalina Community Garden Facebook Group.