Good news for those longing for pleasant indoor spaces to hire for community meetings, events and activities.

The old art deco headquarters building at the end of Buckley Avenue is almost ready for action. Refurbished by Auckland Council, its doors will open on June 11.  It will be known as The Hub.

For the first few weeks it will welcome anyone who wants to wander in and take a look. Two staff members on the Council’s ACE team (Arts, Community, Events) will be on hand to hear how you’d like to see its various spaces used.

There’ll also be a visitors book for you to write your ideas in.  What sort of classes/events/activities/functions would you like to see in the evenings as well as daytime?

If you have skills you’d like to share, what sort of classes or gatherings would you like to run? Yoga, drama, Tai Chi, art, music or language lessons? The team at the Hub is keen to work with you.

Megan Smith, The Hub’s Place Manager, says the Auckland Council wants the building’s uses to be broad reach in terms of ages, stages and interests and is seeking a ‘community-empowered approach’.

This means those of us who live here will get to say how we want it to develop.

Only after this initial consultation will a programme of activities be drawn up.

Council will do the ongoing management and handle bookings. Hiring fees will be released later but the idea is for them to be affordable.

It all sounds great for those who’ve been hanging out for some arts, culture and creativity indoors to add to the walking, running and cycling we already enjoy outside.