Upcoming Water Network Maintenance

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Watercare will be undertaking essential maintenance on a pump station near Triangle Road from 10:00pm on Saturday 24 June.

No one will be without water. However, while we have worked hard to minimise any adverse impact on the water supply network, there is a risk that the maintenance work may cause temporary discolouration to the water supply in your areas.

How might this affect me?
You might notice the water from your tap is temporarily discoloured between 10.00pm on Saturday 24 June and 11.00am on Sunday 25 June.

This is because over time, harmless mineral deposits, such as manganese, can build up inside water pipes. When we carry out work that changes the speed of water flow in the pipes, like we are doing at Triangle Road, it can disturb these deposits. This sometimes causes discoloured water in your taps.

Before the work begins
Although any discoloured water that results from this maintenance work is safe to drink, you might want to store clear water from your taps before the work begins.

Between 10.00pm on Saturday 24 June and 11.00am on Sunday 25 June
• Turn on a cold tap to check for discoloured water before drinking, bathing or doing laundry.
• If you can, avoid using the washing machine or hand-washing laundry during this period, as discoloured water may stain clothes.
If you have discoloured water
• We expect any instances of discoloured water, if they occur, to be brief. Wait a while, and then check your taps again.
• Don’t wash any laundry, as discoloured water may stain clothes.

If discolouration continues after 11am on Sunday, please phone us on (09) 442 2222 and select option 1 for faults. We’re available 24/7.

Any questions?
Please visit watercare.co.nz and search for ‘Triangle Road’ or phone us on (09) 442 2222.

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