Jams and Jellies

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You open your pantry and there in front of you is your own selection of home-made Jams and Jellies. You’ve been able to fill up your stores and still give some as presents and best of all, because you have this skill, you can do it successfully – anywhere!

Join Julie Craig to learn all you need to know about Jam and Jelly making. Julie will take you through the steps of the jam and jelly making process, showing you how to turn your good quality excess fruit into decadent treats that extend your seasonal produce.

Tutor: Julie Craig Julie is a tutor, author and columnist who is passionate about living sustainably in Auckland’s urban environment. A horticulturally trained, historic food practitioner, Julie is the Wild Crafter that weaves together the classes for the Oak and Thistle team. Specialising in teaching food initiatives, brewing, foraging, making medicine and household products, Julie is passionate about fostering strong communities through bartering, sharing and teaching.

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