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We’re looking to the future
and want your ideas

Dear Residents,

Your committee has begun work on a long-term plan for this great place we live in.

We believe your society needs to have a firm foundation on which to push towards fulfilling our idea of creating the best possible future for Hobsonville Point, not just short-term but for the next five years or so.

At a recent one-day workshop we came up with this mission statement, which is to build and maintain:

an embracing, vibrant, village style community

But the committee doesn’t ‘own’ the society to which we belong. You do. We all do.

That’s why we want to hear your views.

We have a draft plan we’d like to share with you. We believe it’s important to have not just airy ideas of how we’d like life to be on the Point, but a sound action plan to ensure projects are managed efficiently and well and we are making best use of the funds to which everyone contributes every year.

You are therefore invited to:



Hobsonville Point Primary School


JULY 22 (next Sunday) 2pm

Everyone welcome. No need to register ahead of time. NB It’s at the primary school – not the secondary school, where we had our first gathering in April.

We know this is short notice but the end of this committee’s term is approaching and we have a lot to do! Can’t make it? Be assured we will make the draft public so you can offer feedback. Then, with everyone’s views on board, we will put the plan to the community for approval at our annual general meeting on October 24.

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