Garden Trim’n’Tidy is ON this weekend

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With a fine spell coming up we will be distributing orange Flexi Bins around the Point for your use.

Six bins will go out on Friday June 8 in the spots marked as red stars on the map below.
Bin locations
  • Corner Buckley Ave and de Havilland Drive
  • Station Street, opposite motorway end of Lester St
  • Corner Kittyhawk Way and Meteor Drive
  • Corner Onekiteroa Road and Chaffinch Street
  • Corner Ponga Street and Kotuku Lane
  • Bomb Point Drive, opposite end of TuaTua Rd

They will remain for a few days into next week. The waste company cannot supply a specific date for bin removal but they’ll be taken away during the week of June 11-15.

We got orange Flexi Bins because you CAN dump flax in them (banned from green ones) but please, ONLY GARDEN WASTE – NO OTHER GENERAL RUBBISH.
Kind volunteers will be keeping an eye on the bins so that if they’re in danger of spilling over we can supply more.
So clip those hedges, pull those weeds, and let’s make our place look great!
Best wishes,
HPRS Committee
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