Community Grants

HPRS has set up a fund to offer financial assistance to residents who are keen to set up community events and projects. For some years HLC ran its own fund, which is now being handed over to HPRS to fund and manage. Grateful thanks to HLC for setting up the original scheme.

Here’s how our grant works:

Think up a great idea that will contribute to and support the Hobsonville Point community – something that will build connections between neighbours, showcase local talents and cultures, help people make new friends and make the most of our unique spot on Auckland’s Upper Harbour. Note your event must be held after the closing dates below.

You can apply for up to $500 in a calendar year. Applications will be assessed by a sub-committee set up under the umbrella of the HPRS and then approved by Auckland Foundation. You can find two documents here – Hobsonville Point Community Grants Fund Guidelines that explain all the details, and an HP Community Grants Fund Application Form for you to complete and email to If you’d prefer, you can print it out and snail-mail (or deliver it) to 32 Meteor St, Hobsonville Point, 0616.

When you can apply
The advisory committee meets four times each year to approve grants. Your event must be planned after these dates.

The four closing dates for applications are:

  • 28 February
  • 31 May
  • 31 August
  • 30 November

So if, for instance, you had an idea in mind for an April event, you would need to apply by 28 February. The local advisory committee meets soon after each application date and advises Auckland Foundation of successful applications. Once the Foundation has signed off the request they would contact you and pay you the approved amount in the first week of April.

NOTE Applicants will also need to submit quotes and invoices (for a forward date) to the Hobsonville Point Community Grants Fund committee ( Payment is channelled through the Auckland Foundation, which is administering this fund on behalf of HPRS.

  1. Applicant submits a grant application, with supporting budget of up to $500 and detailed information about the event.
  2. HPRS advisory committee meets to decide on successful applicant(s) and informs Auckland Foundation;
  3. Auckland Foundation Board approves and signs off the HPRS community grant(s);
  4. Auckland Foundation contacts applicant(s) for bank account information/other paperwork and processes grant payment;
  5. Your community event happens;
  6. Auckland Foundation follows up with applicant(s) for report and proof of expenditure;
  7. Any unspent funds returned to Auckland Foundation

Auckland Foundation is one of 17 community foundations across New Zealand. For more information visit