• The long-awaited big bird sculpture that will be a waterfront feature on the hill at Harrier Park is slowly nearing completion. The 10-metre tall bird is being completed in Hawke’s Bay by sculptor Philipp Meier and will need to be transported to Auckland and assembled on site. Hopefully by the summer!
  • Earthmoving is about to start to prepare the ground at Scott Point for a new primary school there. It was originally expected to be open last year but the aim now is for it to be ready for Term One, 2021.
  • If you’re wondering what the plan is for the use of Hudson Bay Road – which is currently blocked off to traffic where it cuts between the flight of steps from Launch Road down to the Catalina Farmers Market – the future idea is for it to be a one-way street. Traffic will go down the hill to Catalina Bay, and then exit by turning right and negotiating the roundabout at the start of the Bomb Point walk, before heading back up Launch Road. Buses will go that way too. Parking on the flat will in future be more limited than at present but there’ll be some disabled parking and car passenger drop-off and pick-up zones. There’s much more planning and building to take place, however, before the final scheme falls into place.